Best antivirus software for Mac in 2024

You may have heard, if you use a Mac, that Macs are less prone to malware and viruses than PCs. Although this is somewhat accurate, it does not imply that Macs are impervious. Hackers and other cybercriminals are becoming more and more interested in Macs as their popularity grows. For this reason, you must install reputable antivirus software on your Mac in order to safeguard important data and provide a secure online experience.

Importance of antivirus software for Mac users

Even though Macs come with built-in security mechanisms like XProtect and Gatekeeper, they might not be sufficient to counter the constantly changing threat landscape. By identifying and eliminating viruses, malware, and other harmful software that may damage your Mac and compromise your personal data, antivirus software adds an extra degree of security.

Antivirus software also stops viruses from infecting other devices on your network in addition to safeguarding your Mac. This is especially important if you exchange papers or data with other PC or Mac users. Antivirus software protects the larger environment in addition to your Mac by identifying and quarantining contaminated data.

Top antivirus software for Mac in 2024

Norton 360 Deluxe: Norton is a well-known brand in the antivirus space, and its 360 Deluxe suite provides thorough protection for Mac computers. Norton 360 Deluxe is a strong option for Mac users, offering features like firewall, secure VPN, password manager, and real-time threat detection. The overall experience is further enhanced by its user-friendly interface and first-rate customer service.

Bitdefender Mac Antivirus: Bitdefender is renowned for its sophisticated threat identification skills, and its Mac Antivirus lives up to the hype. It provides multi-layered ransomware protection, real-time scanning, a VPN, and a secure Safari browsing extension. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is small and has no effect on the operation of your Mac.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9: Specifically made for Mac users, this bundle offers complete defense against dangers unique to the Mac operating system. Parental controls, firewall, anti-phishing, and antivirus software are all included. The user-friendly program guarantees the safety of your Mac as you take pleasure in a flawless digital experience.

Features and benefits of each recommended antivirus software

  • Norton 360 Deluxe: Norton’s 360 Deluxe provides your Mac with a number of security features. Your network is protected by the firewall, and your system is continuously monitored by its real-time threat detection. Your privacy is protected by the secure VPN, which makes sure all of your online actions are encrypted. Furthermore, the password manager safely keeps track of your passwords, which simplifies the process of creating strong, one-of-a-kind passwords and eliminates the burden of remembering them.
  • Macintosh Bitdefender Antivirus: Bitdefender’s Mac antivirus software offers sophisticated features for identifying and eliminating threats. It performs a real-time scan of your Mac to find and get rid of viruses, spyware, and other harmful programs. Your data are shielded from ransomware assaults by the ransomware protection. The secure browsing addon protects you while surfing the web, blocking dangerous websites and phishing attempts.
  • Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9: Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is specifically designed to protect Mac users from a wide range of threats. Its antivirus feature detects and removes malware, viruses, and other malicious software. The firewall prevents unauthorized access to your Mac, keeping your personal data safe. The anti-phishing feature blocks fraudulent websites attempting to steal your sensitive information. The parental controls allow you to manage and monitor your children’s online activities, ensuring a safe digital environment for them.

User reviews and ratings of the recommended antivirus software

  • It’s always beneficial to get opinions from other users who have used the antivirus program directly before making a choice. The following are user opinions and rankings for the suggested antivirus program:
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: “I’ve been protecting my Mac with Norton 360 Deluxe for a year, and it has done a great job. The other features, including the VPN and password manager, are a huge bonus, and the UI is easy to use.” – Mac user John Doe.
  • Macintosh Bitdefender Antivirus: The lightweight nature of Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac prevents my Mac from running slowly. I may feel secure knowing that dangers are constantly identified and eliminated by it. Strongly advised!” – Mac user Jane Smith.
  • “Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 has changed the game for my Mac’s security,” said the user of the bundle. The parental settings are really helpful in keeping my kids safe online, and it’s quite simple to use.” – Mac user Mark Johnson.
  • It’s always a good idea to test out a free trial or demo version of the antivirus software before committing to a long-term subscription, and keep in mind that individual experiences may differ.

Tips for optimizing antivirus software on Mac

Take into account the following advice to make sure your Mac’s antivirus program performs at its best:

  1. Maintain software updates: Update your macOS and antivirus software often to guarantee you have access to the newest features and security fixes.
  2. Turn on the automatic updates and scans: Rather than worrying about manually starting scans and updates, set up your antivirus program to run automatically in the background.
  3. When downloading files, exercise caution: Refrain from opening email attachments from senders you are not familiar with or downloading files from dubious websites. For downloading, always utilize reliable sites.
  4. Regularly backup: your data to guarantee you don’t lose any crucial information in the event that malware infects your Mac. To protect your data, use cloud-based backup services like Time Machine.
  5. Get knowledgeable about phishing scams: Because phishing assaults are so common, it’s critical to understand how to spot and prevent them. Emails or messages requesting personal information or pressuring you to click on dubious links should be avoided.

Additional security measures for Mac users

Although antivirus software is an essential part of Mac security, you may improve your overall security by taking other steps:

  • Put two-factor authentication (2FA) into action: To increase security, turn on 2FA for your accounts. This guarantees that illegal access is stopped even in the event that your password is stolen.
  • Make sure your password is strong and distinct: Make sure your account passwords are strong and distinct, and don’t use the same ones on several websites. To safely generate and store passwords, think about utilizing a password manager.
  • Update your apps and operating system: Update your macOS and installed apps often to benefit from the most recent security updates and bug fixes.


As a Mac user, you should always put your digital environment’s security first. It is no longer adequate to depend only on your Mac’s built-in security mechanisms due to the growing sophistication of cyber attacks. You can provide a safe online experience, safeguard important data, and stop malware infestations by selecting the best antivirus software for your Mac.

While choosing antivirus software, take into account elements like efficiency, compatibility, user-friendliness, extra features, and customer support. The best antivirus programs for Mac users in 2024 are Norton 360 Deluxe, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, and Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9. Before choosing, it’s important to go over each company’s offers and read customer testimonials because each has different features and benefits.

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